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Sylvia Brett – Principal, Harrogate Ladies’ College, Independent School North Yorkshire

The Principal

Sylvia Brett, Principal of HLC, has many years’ experience of independent schools as a teacher of Religious Studies; a House Mistress; and as Deputy Head of the world renowned girls’ boarding school, Roedean.  Sylvia is also a graduate of Durham University and has an MA from the University of London.   

As the head of a large, complex organisation, Sylvia’s first and foremost priority is the children.

“I’m completely committed to the children and to developing their potential.  That’s why I’m here and that’s why the children are at the heart of everything I do.  Sometimes as Principal, I face difficult decisions, but if I’m ever in any doubt, I simply ask myself “what is best for the children?”

Sylvia is also passionate about learning and believes that the learning experience of all children from 2 years old right the way through to 18, should be stimulating and exciting.

“I love the process of learning.  Learning for me should be challenging and rigorous, but also creative and engaging.  I love left-field thinking and getting people to look at things in new ways.  I’m absolutely convinced that in today’s changing world, the next generation will need to think differently and we need to equip them to do that. I believe that as a school we have a duty and responsibility to send children out into the world with the best possible qualifications they can achieve and a lifelong love of learning – that’s what I aim to do at HLC.”