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Weekly and Flexi Boarding

As one of the UK’s leading girls’ boarding schools, we believe that it’s important to make our boarding school experience open to as many students as possible. That’s why we adopt a flexible approach to boarding to meet a wide range of individual family and student needs.

As well as the standard termly boarding that you’d expect we also offer Weekly, Flexi and Ad Hoc boarding options which means that you can choose just about any combination of boarding that you want.

All boarders have full access to the same facilities and share the same houses and receive the same levels of help and support from the whole family of boarding staff.

Weekly Boarding

Weekly boarding is typically ideal for students who live a little too far from school to make the journey on a daily basis, or who perhaps have friends or extended family living nearby that they would like to spend the weekends with. Weekly Boarding is based on 5 nights boarding a week between Sunday and Friday.


Flexi-boarding is ideal for students who want to stay at College on a regular basis for a few nights each week. Sometimes this is to enable them to enjoy the full experience of College; to prepare for life away from home when they move to University; to avoid a daily journey from nearby towns and villages; or sometimes just to fit in with hectic family schedules. Whatever the reason, a few nights a week of regular boarding can help to provide stability, security and a little more independence as girls grow up and begin to find their own feet.  

Ad Hoc Boarding

Sometimes life inside and outside of school can be hectic. Ad hoc boarding is a great way to help keep everything running smoothly. Some girls board for the odd night here and there so that they can attend school events, or to allow parents to meet work commitments. For others it’s just a chance to have a sleepover with their friends! Either way, it provides re-assurance that, even on the most hectic of days, your daughter is in a safe, secure and happy environment.


Unlike standard termly boarding fees which are based on a single fee (including boarding and tuition), our Weekly, Flexi and Ad Hoc boarding fees are based on Day Fees plus an additional fee for boarding (inclusive of all meals) dependent on the length and frequency of boarding required.

To find out more about our Flexi-boarding options please contact our Admissions Team on 01423 537045 or email admissions@hlc.org.uk.