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Beyond Highfield – Moving to Senior School

Moving to senior school is an important and sometimes anxious time, both for children and parents.  We believe that a key part of our role at Highfield Prep School is to prepare children both academically and emotionally for this move.  We also work closely with parents and senior schools to make the transition as easy as possible.

Highfield Prep Club

During their final years at Highfield, children have the option to participate in our Prep Club, led by our Head, Mr Savile.  Prep Club is a specific program designed to help prepare children for senior school entrance exams by practising verbal and non-verbal reasoning papers which are relevant to all general entrance exams. 

In addition, Mr Savile also works closely with the children to prepare them for senior school interviews and conducts mock interviews with children on a one to one basis.    

Our pupils are extremely well regarded by our local senior schools and they go on to successfully gain places and scholarships at a wide range of senior schools including Ripon Grammar School, Aysgarth, GSAL, Ashville College, St Olaves and Cundall Manor.

Harrogate Ladies’ College

While we prepare pupils to join any senior school, many of the girls at Highfield choose to move on to our associated senior school, Harrogate Ladies’ College.  As well as sharing the same campus as Harrogate Ladies’ College we also share the same ethos and principles, which makes College a natural fit for many of our families. 

Academically our respective curriculums are aligned and subject specialists across the two schools frequently work collaboratively.  This approach means that girls moving from Highfield to Harrogate Ladies’ College experience a joined up curriculum and a seamless learning journey.  This can be particularly important for pupils who access learning support and our Head of Learning Support operates across both Highfield and College. 

During their time at Highfield, girls get to know Harrogate Ladies’ College; the facilities; the other girls; and many of the teachers – and the teachers get to know them.  This level of integration between our two schools means that when girls move to Harrogate Ladies’ College it doesn’t feel like quite such a daunting step and they settle quickly and easily into their new senior school life.

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