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Being a Day Girl in a Boarding School

Harrogate Ladies’ College is widely regarded as one of the UK’s leading girls’ boarding schools, but we believe that it isn’t just our boarding girls who benefit from our boarding provision. 

Unlike most standard day schools, we are open from 7.30am until 9.00pm and day girls, or day boarders as we call them, are welcome at school throughout these times. 

Some day girls arrive early and join us for breakfast, while others stay late for supervised homework (or Prep) sessions; extra-curricular activities; and dinner.  Our day girls really enjoy the extended access to school facilities and the opportunity to spend extra time with their friends.  Many of our parents also find the flexibility we offer helps when juggling busy family and working lives that don’t always fit neatly around the standard school day. 

All of this, including meals, is included in our standard Day Fees.  Visit the Fees Section of our web site for more information. 

Day girls are also welcome to use our boarding facilities on an occasional or regular basis.  In fact, our standard Day Fees include 2 nights free boarding each term.  Again, many of our parents find this invaluable when they have commitments that mean they need to be away overnight and the girls really love the opportunity to be with friends and build a bit more independence.  Visit the Flexi Boarding section for more information. 

Being a boarding school means that we offer many other things that you don’t typically find in a day school, such as a fully staffed Health Centre; a programme of Weekend Activities; and increased focus on the all round welfare of pupils.

Day girls and their families benefit greatly from being part of a boarding school community both academically and socially.