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School Policies

You can find below policies for our family of leading independent schools. If you have any questions about our policies or would like any additional information, please feel free to contact us.

Admissions-Policy-Whole-School.pdf Admissions Policy Whole School.pdf no/mime

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Aims-of-HLC.pdf Aims of HLC.pdf no/mime

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Anti-bullying-Policy.pdf Anti-bullying Policy.pdf no/mime

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Behaviour-Policy.pdf Behaviour Policy.pdf no/mime

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Boarding-Statement-of-Principles.pdf Boarding Statement of Principles.pdf no/mime

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Complaints-Policy-Whole-School.pdf Complaints Policy Whole School.pdf no/mime

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Curriculum-Policy.pdf Curriculum Policy.pdf no/mime

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Disability-Policy.pdf Disability Policy.pdf no/mime

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Educational-Guardianship-Policy.pdf Educational Guardianship Policy.pdf no/mime

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Educational-Visits-Policy.pdf Educational Visits Policy.pdf no/mime

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English-as-an-Additional-Language-Policy.pdf English as an Additional Language Policy.pdf no/mime

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Equality-Diversity-and-Inclusion-Policy.pdf Equality Diversity and Inclusion Policy.pdf no/mime

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Examinations-Policy.pdf Examinations Policy.pdf no/mime

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Expulsion-Removal-and-Review-Policy.pdf Expulsion, Removal and Review Policy.pdf no/mime

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Health-and-Safety-Policy.pdf Health and Safety Policy.pdf no/mime

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Lockdown-Policy-Procedure.pdf Lockdown Policy Procedure.pdf no/mime

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Missing-Pupils-Policy.pdf Missing Pupils Policy.pdf no/mime

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Nut-Policy.pdf Nut Policy.pdf no/mime

219.02 KB 2nd May 2024
Online-Safety-and-Pupil-Acceptable-Use-Policy.pdf Online Safety and Pupil Acceptable Use Policy.pdf no/mime

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Parent-Agreement.pdf Parent Agreement.pdf no/mime

381.91 KB 2nd May 2024
Parent-Code-of-Conduct.pdf Parent Code of Conduct.pdf no/mime

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PHSE-Policy-Whole-School.pdf PHSE Policy Whole School.pdf no/mime

428.54 KB 2nd May 2024
Relationships-and-Sex-Education-Policy.pdf Relationships and Sex Education Policy.pdf no/mime

291.57 KB 2nd May 2024
Risk-Assessment-Policy-for-Pupil-Welfare.pdf Risk Assessment Policy for Pupil Welfare.pdf no/mime

392.63 KB 2nd May 2024
Safeguarding-and-Child-Protection-Policy-Whole-School.pdf Safeguarding and Child Protection Policy - Whole School.pdf no/mime

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Scholarships-Policy.pdf Scholarships Policy.pdf no/mime

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School-Uniform-and-Sixth-form-Dress-Code-Policy.pdf School Uniform and Sixth form Dress Code Policy.pdf no/mime

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SEND-policy.pdf SEND policy.pdf no/mime

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Smoking-Alcohol-and-the-Misuse-of-Drugs-and-Substances-Policy.pdf Smoking Alcohol and the Misuse of Drugs and Substances Policy.pdf no/mime

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Spiritual-Moral-Social-and-Cultural-SMSC-Policy.pdf Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural (SMSC) Policy.pdf no/mime

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Staff-No-Smoking-Policy.pdf Staff No Smoking Policy.pdf no/mime

243.92 KB 2nd May 2024
Wellness-Centre-Administration-of-Medicines-Policy.pdf Wellness Centre - Administration of Medicines Policy.pdf no/mime

357.87 KB 2nd May 2024
Wellness-Centre-Eating-Disorders-Policy.pdf Wellness Centre - Eating Disorders Policy.pdf no/mime

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Wellness-Centre-First-Aid-Policy-Whole-School.pdf Wellness Centre - First Aid Policy Whole School.pdf no/mime

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Wellness-Centre-Protocols-and-Procedures-Handbook.pdf Wellness Centre Protocols and Procedures Handbook.pdf no/mime

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Formal complaints received during previous academic year: 2