James Savile, Head of Highfield Prep School

James Savile is the Head of Highfield Prep School. James has a wealth of experience in independent education having joined Highfield from Salisbury Cathedral School where he performed the duties of Deputy Head.  He was also previously Head of Leweston Prep School in Dorset and Principal of Dolphin School and Noah’s Ark Nurseries in London. 

With Highfield forming his third headship in the independent sector, James’ ethos is shaped by a passion for getting the best out of each and every child;

“I joined the teaching professional because I believe that every child is talented and every child is different. As teachers it’s our responsibility to get to know and understand each individual child the way their parents know and understand them.  It’s our role to nurture, support and guide them as individuals and to enable their talents to grow.” 

For James, the relationship between parents, staff and pupils is a key part in achieving this,  

“A good school is built on strong relationships between parents, staff and pupils. I really believe that relationships are at the heart of everything.  When parents and teachers in particular, work together in a joined up approach, children really do benefit.  You can see that in action every day at Highfield.”

James is also a modern languages specialist and an experienced sports coach with a particular interest in rugby and athletics. He is also passionate about the importance of creativity in schools;

“I’m a big believer in sport for all. That means enabling all children to access sport at their own level and developing their individual skills and abilities.  Creativity is also really important.  People talk a lot about literacy but creativity can sometimes get overlooked.  I believe creativity encourages freedom of thinking.  It allows children to learn about themselves and recognise who they are.  This in turn helps build confidence, encourages independent learning and helps children develop a genuine passion for their own education.  That perhaps above all, is what I hope that children will take with them when they leave Highfield.”


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