Joining our schools

We’re still accepting applications to join Harrogate Ladies’ College, Highfield Prep School and Highfield Pre-School.  We’re also now starting to welcome families to visit us for pre-arranged personal tours.

Please call +44 (0) 1423 537045 or email or visit the Admissions Section of our website to find out more.

Chapel Choir

Year 13 girls in Chapel Choir have done a fantastic job singing for the Monday morning chapels. They ended half term with a performance of John Rutter’s ‘Look at the World’.

Physical Development

Boys and girls in Transition have been very busy this week and making the most of the autumn sunshine. They have been working on their physical development – balancing and climbing.

Marshmallow Man

Year 3 were given the challenge of making a figure using marshmallows. They kept collapsing until they added their ‘skeleton’ made out of cocktail sticks and Marshmallow Man was born!

Signs Of Autumn

Making the most of our beautiful gardens and surroundings continues to be part of everyday life at pre-school. The children have explored outdoors looking for signs of life whilst collecting leaves.

Move To School

Boys and girls in all year groups have been rethinking the school run this week and finding ways to making it fun, safer and healthier!

Instrumental Ensemble

The newly formed Year 9 instrumental ensemble have been working hard in weekly rehearsals. They have enjoyed learning a variety of different pieces on flute, clarinet and xylophone.