Joining our schools

We’re still accepting applications to join Harrogate Ladies’ College, Highfield Prep School and Highfield Pre-School.  We’re not currently able to invite you to visit us in person, but we would be delighted to meet you virtually.

Please call +44 (0) 1423 537045 or email or visit the Admissions Section of our website to find out more.

Harrogate Ladies College alumni events – College Speech Day
Alumni Events

Alumni Events

In ‘normal times’ our alumni are welcome to come back and visit us at any time. We also welcome alumni to events throughout the year including reunions, seasonal celebrations and HLC Friends events.

Of course the alumni calendar has looked quite different recently, with plans for physical events cancelled. However, in 2020 we enjoyed a wonderful virtual reunion on Saturday 6th June 2020, and have a brilliant new series of events, ‘Small Hall Speakers’, lined up this academic year. Read about our upcoming events and register your attendance, below.

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