Applications for Year 7 Entrance Exams and Scholarships Now Open

We are now welcoming applications for pupils to join us in Year 7 (Upper 3) in September 2024. You can find out more via the Admissions Section of our website, or please feel free to contact the Admissions Team on 01423 537045 or by emailing

You can also register for Year 7 Entrance Exams and apply for a scholarship here. (Applications close on Monday 4th December).

Harrogate Ladies College alumni events – College Speech Day
Alumni Events

Alumni Events

Alumni are welcome to come back and visit us at any time. We always love to show old girls around school and hear about your time here. We also host alumni events throughout the year, both at school and elsewhere. 

If you are planning your own class reunion, do let us know as we’re very happy to help you with the organisation. 

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