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Benefits of a Girls Only Senior School Education

There is lots of research to suggest that girls and boys learn in different ways.  As a leading independent girls senior school, we believe in the benefits of a girls only education.  We understand girls and the way they learn and are able to adapt our teaching methods to suit their needs.  We believe that this in turn enables our girls to learn more effectively and ultimately to achieve better results. 

In a girls only environment there is also less gender based pressure when it comes to subject choice.  Almost a third of all our Sixth Formers for example, study Physics A level, a subject which nationally attracts low numbers of girls.  Research from the Girls’ Schools Association (GSA) actually suggests that girls are 75 per cent more likely to take Maths and two and a half times as likely to take Physics in a single sex school. 

Of course academic results are only part of the reason for choosing a girls only senior school, there are many benefits of a girls only education.  Teenage life brings many pressures and uncertainties for girls, perhaps more so today than ever before.  We believe that a girls only school can help to reduce some of these pressures.  It provides the freedom for girls to be who they are; to take more risks; and to build greater confidence.

A girls only senior school education doesn’t mean excluding boys from all parts of life and there are, of course opportunities for social interaction with boys.  We do believe however, that girls work best and achieve more when they learn and develop alongside other girls.