Curriculum at Highfield Prep School Harrogate
Curriculum at Highfield Prep School Harrogate

Highfield Curriculum

At Highfield Prep School Harrogate we’re passionate about learning and passionate about academic excellence.  We believe that the Primary Years should be inspiring and exciting for children; a time of discovery and development. 

Bringing learning to life is central to our curriculum and we use local resources and real life experiences to enrich the learning journey wherever possible.  Themed history days, visits to local museums and galleries and guest speakers are all part of everyday life at Highfield. 

As well as our excellent team of class teachers we have our own specialist French, Music, Drama, PE and Swimming teachers.  As part of a family of independent schools, we also have access to specialist resources, facilities and teachers from Harrogate Ladies’ College to enrich the learning experience, including:

  • Specialist Science Labs
  • Specialist Food Technology facilities
  • ICT Suites
  • Specialist Art, Photography and Textile departments


Assessment & Reporting at highfield prep school harrogate

Assessment is a key part of our approach to learning and development at Highfield.  Regular testing from an early age means that children quickly become comfortable with the idea of assessment.  From Prep 1 onwards children have weekly mental maths and spelling tests as well as termly assessments.  This approach enables our teaching staff to focus on the individual learning needs of each child, supporting those who need extra help and stretching those who are more able.

We believe that children develop best when parents and teachers work together and communicate.  Effective reporting is a key part of this.  As well as on-going, informal communication between parents and teachers we have an extended formal reporting programme in place which includes:

  • Full reports annually
  • Parents’ evenings twice a year
  • Mid-term results summaries
  • Curriculum information evenings
  • Weekly updates on what your child has been learning 
  • Book sharing events twice a year

Learning at Highfield is all about developing a depth of knowledge and understanding, through an exciting and inspiring journey.  We aim to ensure that children at Highfield develop a real passion for learning that will take them forward into the next stage in their educational journey.

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