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Life at Highfield Prep School - Harrogate

Many children join Highfield Prep School at the age of 4 and progress through until 11 when they move on to senior school. We do however, have children who join us throughout school and at all times of the year. To find out more about joining Highfield, please visit the Admissions section of our site.

Highfield prep school Year Groups

Children are arranged in 7 year groups during their time at Highfield. We have 2 classes per year group, with no mixed age classes.  

National Curriculum Phase

Highfield Year Group

Early Years Foundation Stage Reception
Key Stage 1 Prep 1
  Prep 2
Key Stage 2 Prep 3
  Prep 4
  Prep 5
  Prep 6


Highfield prep school House System

The House system is a really strong part of our culture at Highfield. When children join the school they are assigned to one of four houses and become part of that house community for the duration of their life at Highfield.  We always allocate siblings in the same house and houses are the focus of lots of activities within school from inter-house sports competitions and team building events, to house reading and fun inter-house competitions.

Being part of a house gives children the opportunity to build relationships across year groups; develops a healthy rivalry; and provides opportunities for leadership for older children.

After School Care

We have a dedicated after school service available from 4-6pm each day. After school care is available on a regular basis or to meet ad-hoc requirements. For some families this helps juggle busy family lives, while for others it’s an opportunity for their children to complete their homework before leaving school.

We find that many of our children remain at school beyond the normal school day often combining our after school service with our many extra-curricular clubs and activities. Visit the Extra Curriculum section of our site for more information about the array of clubs and activities on offer.

How to apply to Highfield Prep