Joining our schools

We’re continuing to accept applications to join Harrogate Ladies’ College, Highfield Prep School and Highfield Pre-School and are able to welcome prospective families for carefully planned, socially distanced and personal visits.

Please call +44 (0) 1423 537045 or email or visit the Admissions Section of our website to find out more.

Highfield Pre-School Curriculum – main
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Highfield Pre-School Curriculum

Highfield Pre-School represents an incredibly important stage in a child’s development – a time when they establish the foundations of their learning and begin to prepare for school. We believe that this time should also be exciting, fun and stimulating.

The curriculum at Highfield Pre-School is based on the Early Years Foundation framework and children learn by playing, exploring, being active and creative both indoors and outdoors.

Download our Pre-School Curriculum Overview

Highfield Pre-school Timetable

Our daily routine is based around a structured timetable. As children move through Pre-School from Foundation Classes to the Transition Class, there is a natural progression in the types of activities, resources and learning they are engaged in. In line with the Early Years Framework we begin by focusing on communication, physical and social skills; before moving on to core literacy and numeracy skills. Throughout, staff work to develop the children’s curiosity and thinking through questioning.

Here is an outline of our daily timetable:


Breakfast Club


The Pre-School door is open from 8.45am to allow children to come in choose activities as they settle


Registration and Circle Time 


Outdoor Play


Adult led Learning 

Free Flow Activities / Child initiated learning 

11.45am – 12pm

Stories/Sharing Learning




Registration and Circle Time 


Free Flow Activities / Child initiated learning 

Adult Led Learning


Outdoor Play


Story Time and end of day routine




After School Club


Pre-School Curriculum activities

Throughout the week the children enjoy a range of focused activities which are designed to help them build skills around the key areas of learning and development in the EYFS framework.  The current activities are detailed below.

  • Transition Year Group
    Monday – (am) French, (pm) Outdoor Learning
    Tuesday – (am) Baking, (pm) Swimming
    Wednesday – (am) PE, (pm) Music
    Thursday – (am) French, (pm) Themed Activities
    Friday – (am) Themed Activities, (pm) Outdoor Learning


  • Foundation Year Groups
    Monday – (am) Themed Activities, (pm) Outdoor Learning
    Tuesday – (am) Baking
    Wednesday – (am) Physical Development, (pm) Music
    Thursday – (am) Themed Activities, (pm) Themed Activities
    Friday – (am) Themed Activities, (pm) Outdoor Learning

Assessment and Reporting

The development of each child is formally assessed on a regular basis. These assessments enable us to ensure that children continually move forward and are challenged to try new things and develop new skills.

Reporting and communication between teachers and parents is incredibly important to us and to the development of children at Highfield Pre-School. As well as on-going communication at the beginning and end of each day, we also provide parents with a summary of what we’ve been learning each week. Parents are also invited to individual progress meetings each term for a more in depth discussion about their child’s development.

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