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Kathryn Wilson, Head of EYFS

Kathryn Wilson is Head of our Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS).  Kathryn is a qualified teacher specialising in Early Years Education. Kathryn is widely regarded as one of the leading local experts in Early Years education. She previously worked for North Yorkshire County Council as a Lead Teacher for Early Years, developing good practice and mentoring EYFS settings to improve provision and outcomes. She has also held previous positions as Assistant Head and EYFS Lead in Derbyshire; and Deputy Head, Early Years Lead and Designated Safeguarding Lead in Harrogate.

As both a parent and a teacher, Kathryn is simply passionate about the importance of pre-school education.

“The first few years of a child’s educational journey are arguably the most important. The Early Years Foundation Stage, as the name suggests, quite literally forms the foundations of learning that everything else then builds on. Our role at Highfield Pre-School is to help the children develop a lifelong love of learning and that starts the very first day the children walk through the door.”

Kathryn has a very forward thinking approach and believes that we need to look to the future when educating our children,

“I have a sense that today’s children will find themselves living in a very different world and we need to prepare them for this. They’re going to need to have the confidence to take risks, to know how to ask for help and to be proud of who they are. All of that starts with the very youngest children in pre-school.”

“I love Highfield Pre-School! It’s a happy, family oriented, nurturing learning environment. The facilities are outstanding, particularly the outdoor space and the children love it. In my view, it’s where a love of life and a passion for learning really does begin”.

Kathryn Wilson, Head of EYFS


James Savile, Head of Highfield Prep School