Expert to Deliver Free Early Childhood Nutrition Talk at Highfield Prep School in Harrogate

Dr Juliet Gray, one of the UK’s leading nutrition experts, is to deliver a free talk on Early Childhood Nutrition on Thursday 22nd January from 7pm to 8.30pm at Highfield Prep School in Harrogate.


Dr Gray was previously Science Director of the British Nutrition Foundation and is currently Company Nutritionist at Harrison Catering Services, which provides the meals at Harrogate Ladies’ College, Highfield Prep School and Bankfield Nursery.  Dr Gray believes that parents face real pressure over childhood nutrition. She explains:

“Never was there a time when so much was written about food and nutrition, and for parents of young children trying to put together a healthy diet, it can be a real minefield. Are they eating too little?  Are they eating too much?  What if they won’t eat vegetables?”Dr Gray

“Food and nutrition are also currently right at the top of the agenda for schools and the government.  Revised school food regulations and standards for state maintained schools came into force earlier this month that aim to improve children’s nutritional intake and to help them develop healthier eating habits.”Dr Gray

“There is no doubt that controls on children’s eating are urgently required.  More than one in ten children aged 2-10 years old are now obese and by the time children enter secondary education, one in five are obese.  In reality, government and schools can only do so much. Healthy eating begins in the home, and you need to start early.  Balance and variety are the fundamentals to aim for, but parents need reassurance and support—especially when it comes to getting their little ones to eat those vegetables!”Dr Gray

Dr Gray’s Early Childhood Nutrition Talk is free to attend.  Places can be reserved via email   events@hlc.org.uk or telephone 01423 5367045.