Smoothie making

Pre-School cooled down from the lovely sunshine with a delicious fruit smoothie, practising using knife skills to carefully cut the strawberries and mango before blending them into a  delicious smoothie!

Joys of reading

Prep 4 enjoyed reading their favourite books outside in the sunshine. What a glorious way to develop a life-long love of reading!


Our Y9 pupils became true crime detectives as they took part in the Annual CSI Day! They spent the day solving clues, gathering evidence, matching fingerprints and testing fake blood.

Tasting New Cuisines

Pre-School children took part in a taste testing session last week, where they got to try out a variety of different dishes inspired by Korean Street Food. 

Long Jumpers

Reception class took part in a super sporty P:E session as they practised their long jump, shot put and javelin skills in preparation for Sports Day. 

Filleting a Fish

Y10 students took part in a fish sustainability practical, led by our talented chefs. They learnt how to fillet a fish and cooked up some tasty fish tacos.