How to Apply to Harrogate Ladies’ College

We believe that the prospect of joining a new school should be exciting and engaging for pupils and as stress free as possible for parents.  We don’t select pupils based solely on academic attainment, (although our excellent GCSE and A Level results might suggest otherwise), but we do look for girls who are passionate about joining our school and who have the potential to contribute to our vibrant and diverse community.

As a member of the Girls’ Schools Association (GSA) our admissions process is in line with the GSA admissions code of conduct.

Entry into Year 7 (Upper 3)

Our biggest intake into College is in Year 7, (or Upper 3 as we know it).  Girls join us from a wide range of Prep and Junior Schools across Harrogate, Yorkshire, the UK and the world.  Throughout the application process pupils and parents have the opportunity to get to know the school; the teachers and the other families looking to join our community.

Here’s an outline of the application process for Year 7 entrance:

  • Registration : girls can be registered at any time, however we recommend registering by the beginning of the Autumn Term in Year 6.  

Download Registration Form

  • Taster Day : most girls attend our Taster Day in the Autumn Term of Year 6 which takes place on Saturday, 9 November 2024.
  • Application :  The next step is to complete our Application Form, the deadline for entry is Monday, 2 December 2024.      

Click here to complete the Application Form.

  • Assessment :  Once we’ve received your Application Form your daughter will be invited to join us for Entrance Exams and Scholarship Assessments around mid-January of Year 6.  Our Entrance Exam includes Maths, English and Non-Verbal Reasoning tests, as well as an interview with either the Principal or one of our senior members of staff – we know that might all sound a bit daunting, but the girls always leave with smiles on their faces and have typically made some new friends along the way.  We will also ask your daughter’s current school to provide a reference at this point.  Entrance Exams for entry in September 2025 will take place on Saturday 18 January 2025.  Scholarship Assessments will take place on Thursday 16 January 2025 and Friday 17 January 2025.     
  • Offer : We aim to confirm whether applications have been successful and issue offers in writing by the end of January in Year 6.
  • Acceptance : Once you’ve received an offer you’ll be asked to confirm your acceptance and return your deposit.  The acceptance deadline is usually the first Monday in March.   
  • Transition : We have a whole programme of events, activities and communication that take place once offers have been accepted to ensure that you and your daughter are prepared, excited and part of our school community by the time you join us in September.

We understand that sometimes circumstances change and so we do also accept applications for entry into Year 7 outside of these timescales, subject of course to availability of places.

Entry into Other Years

While our largest intake into College is in Year 7 (or Upper 3), we also accept applications for entry into all other year groups including 13+  and 16+ entry, subject to availability.  The process for application into other year groups is as follows:

  • Registration : Once you’ve visited us, we’ll ask you to complete a Registration Form to confirm that you would like to proceed with an application.

Download Registration Form

  • Assessment : Applicants will typically be asked to complete Entrance papers in Maths and English appropriate for their age group.  These can be completed at College, at your current school, at your local British Council office, at your agent’s office or via video call.  We also like to see copies of your most recent school report at this stage.
  • Interview : Once papers have been completed your daughter will be invited for an interview with our Principal.  (This can be conducted via Skype or Zoom where appropriate).
  • Offer : If successful, we will aim to issue an offer as soon as possible after interview, typically within a week.  (We will also request a reference from your daughter’s current school at this point).
  • Acceptance : Once you’ve received an offer, we’ll ask you to complete an Acceptance Form and pay a deposit to confirm that you would like to accept the place.

We hope that the process of applying to join Harrogate Ladies’ College is as straight forward as possible, however if you have any questions please do contact our Admissions Team on 01423 537045 or email

Download Cancellation Notice for on-line Applicants

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