Highfield Prep School Wins National Community Initiative Award

Highfield Prep School has won the Whole-School Community Initiative of the Year award at the prestigious Tes Independent School Awards 2020. Five years ago, Highfield Prep School, the junior school at Harrogate Ladies’ College, was … Read Full Story

Parthenon Marbles Debate

Year 6 led a lively and challenging debate about the Parthenon Marbles with Year 5. Both sides contested whether they should stay at the British Museum or returned to Greece.

Fake News

Year 3 pupils have created fake news based on their Ancient Egypt topic by changing various key points to make the news fictional.

Class Collaboration

Year 4 classes have been learning about team work and put theory into practice by successfully completing a tricky domino challenge.

Victorian Day Out

Year 2 enjoyed dressing up as Victorians and learning about the ‘stinky’ water from the wells which was used for curing ailments during their visit to the Mercer Gallery and Pump Rooms.

Choir Concert Fundraising

An amazing £2,710.32 was raised for Candlelighters at our Christmas concerts at the Sun Pavilion and Goldsborough. Huge thanks to all the parents and families who attended and supported the children.