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Beyond Bankfield – Moving on to “Big School”

We believe that an important aspect of life at Bankfield is preparing children emotionally and academically to make the important step to “big school”.

Of course we prepare children for any school, however many of the children go on to join our associated Prep School, Highfield. To help the transition, Bankfield children are given priority places in Highfield Reception classes.

We believe that children benefit greatly from the continuity we are able to offer when moving from Bankfield to Highfield. As they progress through Bankfield, children spend an increasing amount of time in Highfield, visiting the Reception Classes, meeting Reception teachers and participating in joint events throughout the year such as the Easter Parade, Harvest Festival and Remembrance Service. In our Pre-Prep section children also have weekly sessions with Highfield’s specialist Music and PE teachers.

Academically, Bankfield staff and Highfield teachers work closely together to ensure continuity across the Early Years curriculum. In fact Alicia Fenton, Head of Bankfield, is the Early Years co-ordinator for both Bankfield and Highfield.

All of this means that when Bankfield children move to Highfield it doesn’t feel like such a big step. They already know the school and the teachers and the teachers know them. They typically know many of the other children and can’t wait to join Highfield. The smooth transition to Highfield means that children settle quickly and easily into life at “big school” and are able to focus on the next stage in their personal and academic development.

James Savile, Head of Highfield Prep School