Highfield Pupils Shine in Spectacular Production of “The Wizard of Oz”

Last week, Highfield Prep School proudly presented its annual production, featuring “The Wizard of Oz” performed by Year 6 pupils.

The Harrogate based school put on a dazzling showcase of talent and teamwork that delighted both pupils and parents alike.

Head of Drama; Catherine Fearn and Head of Music; Clare Gray, worked tirelessly to bring this beloved classic to life on stage. Their dedication, coupled with the enthusiastic efforts and professional attitude of the children, resulted in a truly magical performance that captivated audiences from start to finish.

Featuring not one, not two, but three talented Dorothys, along with dual portrayals of Tim Woodcutter, Cowardly Lion, and Scarecrow, the cast delivered standout performances that showcased their passion and commitment to putting on a truly fantastic show.

The creative vision behind the stunning set design came to fruition thanks to Highfield Art Teacher; Kat Honey, who worked after hours to craft a fantastical world that transported audiences to the Land of Oz. With assistance from her dedicated pupils and the school Estates Team, Kat’s imaginative creations provided the perfect backdrop for the enchanting story.

More than just a theatrical event, the annual school production serves as a platform for pupils to build confidence, forge friendships, and create lasting memories before embarking on their journey to senior school. By participating, students not only develop their creative talents but also learn the value of teamwork and perseverance.

James Savile; Head of Highfield, expressed immense pride in the accomplishments of the students and staff, stating, “The dedication and passion displayed by everyone involved in this production exemplify the spirit of Highfield. We are thrilled to provide our students with opportunities to shine and create memories that will last a lifetime.”

James adds,

“We can learn a lot from this story such as being confident in ourselves, being proud of who we actually are and never giving up. The children looked so confident on stage and they worked so incredibly hard”.

As the curtain falls on another successful production, the Highfield community looks forward to next year’s performance and of course, the continued growth and success of its talented pupils.