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Budding Journalists Join the BBC School Report Big News Day

The Library at Harrogate Ladies’ College was a hive of activity today recently when it became an official Newsroom as part of the BBC School Report Big News Day.

Harrogate Ladies College BBC School Report Newsroom

Harrogate Ladies College BBC School Report Newsroom

As part of their GCSE Project Qualification course, Year 8 pupils have been working on the BBC School Report Project.  They’ve been busy learning about what makes a good news story, how to report a story in a balanced way and how to write in a style suitable for a given audience.

On the BBC School Report ‘Big News Day’ the students split into reporting teams.  Each team elected an Editor who was given a brief as to the type of reporting required to fill their news bulletin, including current affairs, sports and weather.

With deadlines to meet, teams worked together deciding on news stories, gathering information, drafting news features.  They also recorded audio and visual reports and edited their written reports before uploading them onto the BBC News section of the school’s website.

Harrogate Ladies’ College Librarian, Lynne Keenan, who organised and led the project said:

“The pupils performed extremely well under pressure, developing their time management skills and understanding the need for planning and preparation when it comes to deadlines.”

Lynne Keenan, Librarian, Harrogate Ladies’ College

Visit our very own BBC School Report web page and read the stories the pupils created on Big News Day