Brexit Revisited

How does Brexit look in 2018? Interviews with three members of the British public to gather opinions on how Brexit has impacted their lives.

The Wedding of the Year? Is everyone as excited as the happy couple?

Prince Harry and Megan Markle’s wedding has many good and bad points to it. Although it is supposed to be a celebration, people on the streets think the opposite. The racist...

Drastic Plastic

Drastic plastic and its toll on the world! Unless we act now the problem will just get worse. This report contains interviews from Mr Robinson, a business entrepreneur in the catering...

Should lacrosse be an Olympic sport?

Should lacrosse be an Olympic sport? Interviews with coaches, teachers and players with differing opinions.

Inspirational women through the ages

What impact have women had on our lives today and how can we celebrate this? Our report contains the opinions of our very own inspirational headmistress Mrs Sylvia Brett.

Homelessness, how should we help?

Homelessness has grown by 169% since 2010. This report captures a range of opinions and details the work of different charities in the UK and the world. We are going to...