The House System

The House System, which helps to break down the School into more intimate and manageable units, is a defining feature and cornerstone of Highfield’s pastoral care.

The sense of community within each of the four Houses encourages a feeling of pride and identity. It offers children the opportunity to work with younger and older pupils alike and children come together in their Houses to share assemblies, activities and sometimes, as on World Book Day, just a great story.

On entry to Highfield each pupil is allocated a place in either Nidderdale, Wharfedale, Wensleydale or Swaledale. A typical year will see the children entering House competitions in pumpkin and Christmas decoration making, poetry and Easter Egg rolling (and dropping!). Competition allows for children of all ages to represent their House and compete for honours. House sports competitions are the keenest fought events of the year and none try harder than those wanting to win the cup for swimming, football and netball.

The House system is also at the heart of our positive discipline and motivation ethos. Children earn house points for their academic and social endeavours. House points are collected in individual planners and for every 25 house points gained a certificate of commendation is awarded.