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Pastoral Care at Bankfield

At Bankfield, we place a great importance on developing the whole child and developing a love of life is at the heart of everything we do. We want our boys and girls to be happy, healthy, confident and successful. We want them to respect themselves, others and the world around them.

In addition to our Head, Alicia Fenton, and section leaders for each year group, each child at Bankfield is assigned a named key person who has a special responsibility for their all round welfare and development.

One of the benefits of being part of a wider family of schools is that children and parents at Bankfield also have access to a wide range of services and facilities to support the wider development of our children.

Health and Well Being

We have a dedicated on-site Health Centre with a full time qualified nursing team, including a specialist Early Years nursing practitioner. As well as being on-hand to deal with the medical and healthcare needs of our children, our nursing team is also there for our parents. They work with parents to provide practical advice, guidance and support to help ensure the well being of your child.


Nutrition has an important impact on children’s behaviour, development and concentration. We don’t underestimate the importance of good early childhood nutrition and we have an award winning Catering Team who provide hot meals for Bankfield children made from locally sourced ingredients and cooked on the premises. Our Catering Team works closely with staff and parents to develop menus which meet the specific needs of pre-school children and which encourage positive attitudes towards food and eating.

Children who join us for lunch enjoy a 2 course hot meal eaten in groups in the Bankfield Dining Room. We find that eating in the dedicated Dining Room helps with the social aspect of eating as well as developing positive attitudes towards food. In fact, many of our parents tell us that their children try more foods and eat things they didn’t before when they start having lunch at Bankfield – and they often ask our chefs for their recipes!

All children also enjoy healthy, nutritional snacks during morning and afternoon sessions.

View a Sample Early Years Menu


We are a Christian Foundation and Christian values are at the heart of our whole school community. Our approach is inclusive and welcoming and is designed to encourage children from an early age to develop an understanding and mutual respect for all faiths.

We enjoy weekly visits from our Assistant Chaplain and we also visit our on-site Chapel throughout the year for services celebrating important Christian festivals such as Palm Parade (when we meet a real donkey!), Easter, Harvest, Remembrance and Christmas. These are wonderful, memorable and quite unique occasions for both children and parents alike!

“I could not recommend Bankfield highly enough due to the care of the team, the quality of the provision and the happy family environment” 

bankfield parent

We believe that we offer the best all round pastoral care of any pre-school setting in Harrogate, but perhaps the best testament to this is our children – they are happy and confident and simply love coming to Bankfield!